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Features: The new drilling machine is a professional high-tech drilling machine, which combines the advantages of a variety of the same type of machinery in order to achieve high efficiency, easy decomposition, light weight, easy transfer of work needs, with excellent quality , Through several years of glorious years. Drilling operation: 1, Site selection      Select the location of well drilling, well location selection well, with a shovel dug deep 30-50cm, diameter 10-30cm wellhead. Move the installed frame to the top of the wellhead. In general, the location of the drilling hole requires that the surface density of the soil should be as good as possible, and that there is no phenomenon of bricks, gravel or firewood underneath to avoid water seepage, landslide and sinking during drilling operation.  2, Digging reservoir       About four meters away from the wellhead location (can also be based on the actual terrain, water pipe length interval) at the digging of a diameter greater than 1.5 square meters, deep one meter of the reservoir, with a wooden pole hanging from the water pump in the pool Cover the pump is appropriate) the other end of the pump tube with the top of the mixer connected. 3. Power on        The other hand, with the first section of the drill pipe connected with the drill, the master hand-hand machine slowly landing hand-lift machine head, the other hand, Another person with the hand drill slowly through the hole in the drill hole into the hole, the vertical righting, start the rig and pump, drill pipe rotation into the ground.  Remember: Drill bit clockwise rotation when drilling, can not be reversed, so as to avoid dislocation caused by slip of the drill pipe. 4.For the drill pipe       After entering the first section of the drill pipe, with the person to close the insurance deduction, plug in the unloading bar card, the master machine manual reverse rotation counterclockwise drill pipe, lift head with the drill pipe separation, lifting the nose, with another Drill rod, manually rotate the top of the wire connection head, the bottom connector docking, the master machine manual clockwise rotation will drill rod tightened, open the insurance card, remove the unloading card, turn clockwise rotation to continue drilling. Repeat the above action can be repeated. According to their own want to find the desired depth of the geological layer of water can be sand.  5. Unloading drill pipe:       Drill down to the desired depth of the aquifer, note the depth of the water sand layer, stop the rig, only open the pump pressure water washed Amoy wells, when no sediment out of the hole when you can begin to unload the drill pipe. First of all, close the insurance deduction, plug in the unloading bar card, reverse the nose with the drill pipe separation. Secondly, the rod will be installed in the machine on the head, fastening, landing nose will be unloading rod with the base of the drill pipe alignment into the slot, rotating buckle hanging after the upgrade, when the lower end of the drill pipe joints rose to the base When the insurance card to stop the top, close the insurance deduction, insert the rod unloading card, reverse, drill pipe is automatically unloaded, with people to remove it, so repeatedly.  Note: When unloading drill pipe with a drill, to turn off the electric instead of manual, slowly put forward the base port so as not to hang touch.
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